Red Moon Lodge

                     a Retreat Style BnB Moab,Utah

           Red Moon Gardens

       open in March 2018 

     Red Moon Gardens is a 1 acre Organic Garden with a 20'x50' Hoop House

     All our food is grown with utmost Love and Appreciation of the land, the Water and the

     Amazing grace of Nature.

     We use organic practices and the Biodynamic Calendar, in thoughts of our health, the

     plants health, and the planets health.

     Our Garden is Watered by an Artesian Spring

     We are prepared to sell in 2018 Season (produce served at RED MOON LODGE)

  •      Heirloom Tomatoes
  •      Varietal Melons and Water Melon
  •      Greens (Lettuce, Kale, Collards,Cilantro/dill, Herbs, Basil)
  •      Garden Seedlings in the spring