Red Moon Lodge

                     a Retreat Style BnB Moab,Utah

We are Proud to make Home made Organic Breakfast for your Pleasure and health!
We have 22 beautiful, happy chickens, fed on free range, garden waste and Organic mash, they provide the RML with those tasty eggs you know the ones with the dark YOLKS!
Breakfast: Please be understanding and have a curious and trusting nature!  "We have a planned menu for the day!", special orders would be a bit of a time night mare for us as we start at 6:30 to get it all ready for you by 7:30! However, you will love the food!

We will Gladly adjust our recipe IF you have a diet sensitivity, which must be arranged the day before, i.e. dairy free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, or allergies.

We strive to use organic ingredients when possible! We cook with Coconut Oil mostly.
We can accomodate dairy free, gluten free, or food sensitivities
​Organic  Beverages!  Orange Juice, Coffee (fair trade), Teas

Typical breakfast may be:

  • Eggs with vegetables served each day with rotating vegetables- Organic Eggs, milk, onion, (*mushroom, sweet peppers, or spinach,) with melted*Tillamook cheese on top

  • GF Blueberry Pancakes - We use an organic gluten free flour blend, Organic blueberries, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic butter
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl (organic in season) we Grow Melons, and serve them when they become ripe. 

Other types of Carbs we rotate daily

  • French Toast - Georges home made Wheat Bread or Gluten free bread, with maple syrup
  • Home made biscuits with home made Jam
  • Home made GF Waffles and Walnuts
  • Home made Banana nut Muffins and Banana Bread (Organic Gluten free Flour mix)
  • Early Departure Continental Breakfast - Home made Organic nutty Granola,  yogurt optional plus fruit bowl.

          *items we cannot get organic

Fresh homemade batch of granola!

Fresh chicken eggs from the girls!

French toast made with George's whole wheat bread, fresh eggs from the chickens, organic orange juice and grits!

Our sweet chickens provide us with over a dozen eggs a day. In turn, we provide them with tons of organic vegetable scraps and supplemental, organic feeds.

George has made very yummy, fresh, whole wheat bread from scratch for years.

In addition to our rooms, we endeavor to provide quality food and beverages for your health and well-being. Fresh Organic food ( from the garden whenever possible). Always served fresh and yummy. We are also pleased to provide Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Dairy Free / Lactose intolerant options. 

We have close to 20 chickens (eating organically), fresh herbs and vegetables.

We love Fair Trade Organic coffee, and George loves to cook.
Daily Home-cooked Breakfast 7:30-8:30 (during High season)

Continental Breakfast Available 6:30-7:30 (homeade nut granola dairy free and gluten free, fruit bowl and organic yogurt)

                             GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE and VEGAN FRIENDLY